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Helpful resource with great information pertaining to cats. Submit your quality cat breed and informational cat article for increased exposure and traffic back to your website.

Persian KittenHow To Take Care Of A Kitten
Raising a kitten correctly ensures that it will grow up to be a strong, healthy, and active cat, who will bring years of joy and affection into your life. The following steps will show you how to take care of a kitten.


Gray KittenNew Kitten Care - How to Kitten-Proof Home
A very important aspect of new kitten care is keeping your kitten safe from danger. There are a lot of potential hazards round the home for little kittens. This article lists the most common ones and suggests ways you can...


Kitten with MouseNew Kitten Safety
Cat lovers already know that they enjoying a purring, happy kitten in their lap, more than the company of a cat who just stares at you like you have two heads, but your kittens safety is vary important as well. Kittens...


White Kitten
Keep your Pet Clear of the Next Pet Food Recall
Last year turned out to be the worst in history for pet food recalls. While there is no way to be 100% certain that a pet food is not tainted or will be recalled, there are some red flags to look for when selecting your...


Bengal KittensBengal Cats the Lap Leopards of Today

Bengal's are Beautiful and exotic cats that are loved by so many people around the world. With their graceful movements and unusual intricate markings its like having part of the wild in your own living room.


Why do Kitens kneadWhy Do Kittens Knead

Cat's often knead soft areas on your body such as your stomach or thigh. It replicates the action they do as a kitten to their mother when they are trying to stimulate the "let down" reflex when they are suckling milk.

Bottle KittenOrphaned Kitten

If you're a cat lover or an animal caregiver, you may one day find yourself faced with the formidable task of caring for a teeny, tiny, orphaned kitten. Kittens get left behind for a variety of reasons – often the mother has died, is sick, or has rejected or abandoned her litter.


Is my kitten a boy or girlIs My Kitten a Boy or Girl Kitty?

Determining the sex of a cat, even if it's a tiny kitten, is actually easier than many people think. In fact, probably the trickiest thing about this undertaking is convincing kitty that you mean no harm as you move his/her tail out of the way. . .


10 Kitten HazardsThese 10 Home Hazards Can Be Fatal

Kittens are among the most delightful little creatures on the planet. They're tiny and silly and essentially helpless… which is why you, as the "mom" or "dad" of your sweet little bundle of fluff, must protect her from herself.


Kitten scratchingKitten Scratching Your Sofa Tips

There are lots of good reasons why your cat scratches and claws around the house, none having to do with a desire to destroy your expensive belongings! Using their claws is a perfectly natural feline behavior and provides a number of . . .


Kitten scratchingKittens time lapse 1-50 days

New kitten parents often have lots of questions about how their tiny feline friend will grow and develop and learn. Every kitten has his or her own personality and temperament, but all kittens achieve similar milestones during their first year.


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