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New Kitten Safety

Cat lovers already know that they enjoying a purring, happy kitten in their lap, more than the company of a cat who just stares at you like you have two heads, but your kittens safety is vary important as well. Kittens love to explore, and giving them safe ways to do this inside is wonderful. Try hiding favorite cat toys, such as a crinkly ball inside a cat tunnel and for even more excitement, try dangling a cat wand at one end when kitten is inside the tunnel. Kittens are naturally attracted to movements and sounds that trigger their instinct to stalk prey. Cats are often most active in the early morning and early evening. Exercise and vigorous playing can help get rid of excess energy and keep your kitten calmer for the remainder of the day. Take time out from your day to spend time playing with your kitten. Kittens don't like sharp sounds like those that come from a squeaky toy. Save the squeaky toys for the dogs and get your cat a catnip mouse instead. Cats are perfectly happy as inside pets so long as you provide them with enough toys and attention. If you're away from home for long period, you might consider having two kittens for company.

Cats will swallow ribbon or string, which will not pass. It will require surgical removal. Tie up traverse rod cords and pleated shade cords; you must keep these out of a reach, for your kitten safety. Cat's teeth, like our own, are susceptible to cavities and tartar so regular oral hygiene is essential to keep them clean. Cats will climb and then try to defy gravity all the time, and we get to enjoy it when gravity wins. They need something tall and sturdy like a scratching post so that they can scratch on it, and not the furniture. Cats are reluctant to use a litter pan that is too close to the cat's food so you must keep them far enough apart. When you get a new kitten or even an older cat go slow, don't rush it. Let your new cat come to you in its own time.

Cats scratch to mark their territory, not to just to sharpen their claws. When your kitten doesn't have the ability to use this marking behavior because you have had them declawed, they may find it necessary to mark their territory with urine and feces instead. Cats are well known for their bed hogging abilities. They can have you clinging to the outer edge of your bed while they are comfortably sprawled out, full length occupying nine tenths of the bed. We know this to be true even in our own household. When the cat takes a nap "don't crowd me" is the command!

For kitten safety, kittens generally do not overeat, so food should be made available at all times. There are automatic cat feeders that keep your kitten's food fresh and water fountains to keep water fresh as well. Always be sure to feed your kitten a good quality kitten food. Cats are carnivorous and they become mature at around seven to eight months old. Before this time their protein requirements are higher and the protein should be of animal origin. If you have children, the litter pan will need to be placed in a place that your children can't get to, but the kitten can have access easily.

Cats can teach child compassion and caring, and provide companionship. However, before you bring a kitten or even an older cat into your home, consider your lifestyle and expectations. Then go out and choose the pet accordingly. A kitten will be a wonderful and amazing pet, and bring hours of delight for the children, as well as the adults.

Grooming your kitten encourages a healthy shine on his fur and keeps him looking sleek and healthy. As with all good habits, it's sensible to establish good grooming early on, so it becomes a normal part of your kitten's life. Groom them regularly for your kitten safety please follow your vet's instructions carefully when it comes to worming and other treatments. For your kitten safety anything found on the floor becomes a toy, so keep floor areas clear of things that may hurt them or that they can swallow. You may want to have a yard stick so that when she bats it away you will be able to retrieve your lost items from under the refrigerator, stove, and furniture. Special note: don't know why, but anything that can be pushed off a flat smooth surface probably will be, so place your breakables high up where kitty can't get them or in a closed cabinet or closet. Remember these guys just love a challenge!

You're vet is always ready to answer any questions about caring of your kitten safety. Please feel free to bring a list with you or call at any time. Remember it is the behavior you dislike, not the cat, so don't simply rush to give your cat up for adoption if they are being troublesome to you. Most aggressive problems in cats have very simple fixes that with a little time and energy can help your cat be the sweet, lovable pet you want.

NOTE: This article is for information only. See your veterinarian for medical advice.

About the author: D.J.C. We plan to post articles that are informative and helpful to other cat lovers. Having been "owned" by cats for years, we know they can be demanding, but also be very entertaining and fun. Visit our website for products your cat may enjoy http://besthousecatcare.blogspot.com/

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