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A pet community of world wide webs about cats, kittens, and pet links at your fingertips, indexed alphabetically. If you have a pet related site you would like to submit for inclusion into the directory, Add Your Site.

Address Labels with Cats

Alice Rockwell Art


Angelica Cats

Animal Den
unique inventory of pet products of the highest quality and selection, whether you are looking for a gift for your pet or a friend, their selection of gifts will amaze you.

Animal Portraits

Animal Art & Pet Portrait Paintings

Animal Portraits by Sabine Lackner

Animal Portraits in Pastels

Animal Pet Doors for Cats

Arcata Cat Supplies

Aristoocratic Pet

Bamboo Pets
Bamboo is a brand of Petmate with clever, innovative solutions that excite and delight pets and their parents.

Baskets for Kitty

Beautiful Pet Portraits

Benda Photography

Best Cat Art

Big Apple Cat Supplies

Birthday Direct
Cuddly kitties and pastel paw prints make our Cat Party Supplies a big hit with cat lovers everywhere.

New Cat Corner... your source for pet products for cats, including luxury products, health products, & designer cat supplies.

Blue Witch

Blue Cats Graphics

Bonlays Cat Toys
Interact with your kittens and keep them entertained with great toys from cuddly toys for kittens to cat pole toys for adult cats.

Budget Pet Care
Choose from a wide range of spot-on and oral medications for flea and tick removal, deworming and wound care at discounted prices.

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply

Cat Dancer
Original interactive cat toy with spring steel wire and rolled cardboard create an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers.

Cat Fabric

Cat Jewelry

Cat-Tastic Products

Catty Corner

Cat's Meow
Battery operated made of durable rip stop nylon, cats toy works anywhere your cat likes to play enjoying hours of fun watching your cat & mouse.

Cat Nip

Cat Palace

Cat Tree Store

Cat Toys

Cat Shop Online
Kitten and cats of all sizes and ages just love catnip and we haveo stocked all the top cat catnip products.

Cat Urine Remover

Discount Cat Supplies

Doctors Foster & Smith

Earth Pets

EMBRACE Pet Insurance

Entirely Pets

EZ Pet Supply
Offering a wide variety of cat supplies in low priced, name brand cat housing products including, carriers, beds, cages, furniture, gates and scratching post.

Fat Cat Products

Feline Cat Snoozers

Four Paws


Good Kitty

Offering the best selection of cat supplies online that will make your cat go absolutely batty from fun cat toys and scratchers, to cat carriers that can help your kitty travel safely.

Hauspanther features the latest design finds, tailored specifically for those who share our love of cats.

Healthy Pets

Heartland Veterinary Supply

High Tech Cat Repellent
The automatic pet deterrent constructed of durable, high-quality materials, esigned to provide many years of reliable service.

Lots of cat products designed to keep cats entertained, including hide n seek cat scratchers, and activity centres with dangling toys for extra fun.

Imperial Cat
Family owned and operated manufacturer of eco-friendly, all-natural cat products of exceptional quality that enhance the lives of cats and the people that love them.

Kitty toys for cats. Cats get bored. So you can never have too many toys and play things to keep them busy.

Jeffers Pet

Jonny Cat

Johnson Pet Supplies
Specialize in cat theme products, including Laurel Burch cat bags, catnip toys, cat earrings, Laurel Burch silk scarves, socks, cat supplies and cat t-shirts.

K & H Cat Products
Products for cats, both indoor & outdoor, heated and unheated beds for cats.

Kitty Mansions

Kong Products
Active toys for cats and dogs.

Lionsco Pet Products
On-line pet store offering a much larger selection of pet supplies to the dog, cat, bird and fish owner.

Litter Genie
No more daily trips to the trash, waste is sealed away for up to 14 days for one cat.

Love My Pet Supplies

How to Protect Your Cat from Mold. Household mold poses a particularly serious health risk to cats. Black mold can be fatal to felines.

MadCats Cat Toys
Great selection of cat toys and products which will cater for most cats needs. MadCats continuely update their site so new cat toys and accessories appear all the time.

Moore Cat Trees
Large Three Level Cat Tree is an Eco-friendly option for any cat to have.

Naff's Kingdom Cat Shop

Natural Cat Products

Natures Miracle
Natural care litter controls tough odors and is gentle enough for your cat or kitten with advanced bio-enzymatic odor control system.

Nip and Bones Cat Supply

Old Maid Cat Lady
Founded by a genuine old maid cat lady who loves her cats the same as if they were her children.

Omaha Vaccine
Products offered include vaccines, pharmaceuticals, flea and tick control, dental care, health care, grooming, training aids, bedding, toys and rawhide treats.

Omega Paw
Develop, manufacture, and market innovative dog and cat products.

Only Natural Pet Store
All of Only Natural Pet products are chosen for their holistic approach to pet health, vitamins, treats, natural cat food, supplements, medicine, herbal remedy treatments, organic food, and more.

Pet Adoption and Recovery
Adopting a pet while you’re in recovery for a substance use or mental health disorder can be advantageous, both to you and the animal.

Perfect Cat Supply

Pet Bliss
Wide selection of beds, bowls and food and hard to find items such as feral cat traps, huge cat trees and window grills.

Pet Extreme

Pet Naturals
From calming formulas to glucosamine to omega fatty acids, perfect formulas to support your finicky feline's health.

Pet Nutrition Products

Pet Super Market

Pets At Home
UK’s largest pet shop with a massive range of pet supplies online.

Pets Pantry

Pet Warehouse
Wide range of branded and generic cat medicines and cat grooming products, as well as all the leading brands of cat foods.

Pet Wellbeing
Dedicated to improving the health of your pets our team of veterinarians, naturopaths and doctors use time-tested holistic medical wisdom using all-natural ingredients from plants and herbs.

Playtime Workshop
All pet furniture is designed and handmade by Playtime Workshop. Furniture grade cat trees from their shop to your door.

Purr...fect Fence

Purina One

Reigning Cats & Dogs

Cat-themed gift to celebrate that unique relationship between you and your kitty. You’ll find something special to bring a little extra feline charm into your world.

Retail Pets
Wholesale pet supply distributor selling pet supplies to store retailers, veterinarians, clinics, shelters.

Revival Animal Health

Safe Cat Products
Specializing in animal control products that are SAFE, economical, reliable and easy to use.

Safer Wholesale

Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons
Sun O'er Sea is a small cattery located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (3 miles from Cranberry Township, Pa). Our cattery is registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and shows in the Great Lakes Region (4).

Super Cat

The Carefree Pet
Integrating natural cat products cat vitamins, and buffered garlic for cats, our natural cat care plan provides a foundation of health and wellness.

Tidy Cats

TSC Pets

USA Hagen
Premium quality cat food, fashionable collar, eco-friendly toy, ergonomic bed, ingenious drinking fountain, sensory play centre or practical grooming tool.

Urine Odor Remover
Unlike other dog & cat urine odor remover products, Nature's Secret Weapon instantly removes strong cat odors the first time ... every time.

Valley Vet Supply

Value Pet Supplies

Shop Vetsnab online pet supply store to find everything for your cat including discount cat supplies and more.

Wag Wholesale
Carries thousands of pet products, from food, treats and toys to collars, grooming essentials and more.

Wholesale Cat Products

Winky Dinks Gifts
Kitty lovers gifts, tshirts, sweats, denim shirts, check book covers, door mats, and more.

Wiseacres Ragdolls
Wiseacres Ragdolls is a TICA-registered Ragdoll kitten breeder with over 20 years of experience. The outstanding pedigrees of our Ragdoll kittens trace to Kings and Queens from Sweden and only carefully chosen domestic bloodlines.

collection of premium holistic cat food provides cat owners the opportunity to feed their feline companions the most healthy cat food and treats currently being developed by Wysong.

Offers a wide range of cat supplies and cat accessories, all brands of cat food, cat scratching posts, cat litter, cat flaps, cat beds, and much more.

A pet community of world wide webs about cats, kittens, and pet links at your fingertips, indexed alphabetically. If you havea pet related site you would like to submit for inclusion into the directory, Add Your Site.

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Absolutely Kittens accepts advertisements for the sale of pet products, supplies, services, cats and kittens for sale in good faith and assumes all distributors, breeders provide high quality products and healthy pets in a timely manner. Absolutely Kittens accepts no responsibility for distributors or breeders said commitments, guarantees, reputation or quality of service. You may wish to do research and become knowledgeable about the breed and cattery prior to acquiring a cat or kitten.

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