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Welcome to members lounge, special web page for cat breeders to keep updated on important topics, cat news alerts, listing specials, renewals and more.

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Share your cat show events, show brags, litter announcements etc.. seen at the Main Entrance and Find Kittens page

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Find loving homes for your kittens or cats for adoption with photos. Viewed by cat lovers under each cat breed

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Submit your cat breed or cat informational articles to help cat lovers worldwide learn more about your beautiful cat breed.

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Kitten Notification - Helping you connect with more potential loving homes for your purebred cats and kittens.

Being implemented as a ideal means for breeders to receive instant kitten inquiries. These inquiries are being submitted by cat lovers specifically looking for a kitten or cat automatically sent to breeders with that breed. A preferred match for both you and kitten inquirer with pertinent information upfront helping you to gauge the best possible home for your kitten or whether or not you have what they are looking for. When you receive a kitten inquiry email from Absolutely Kittens be prepared to respond to cat lovers however you choose, email or call them back, sending replies in a timely manner are always best.

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Absolutely Kittens accepts advertisements for the sale of pet products, supplies, services, cats and kittens for sale in good faith and assumes all distributors, breeders provide high quality products and healthy pets in a timely manner. Absolutely Kittens accepts no responsibility for distributors or breeders said commitments, guarantees, reputation or quality of service. You may wish to do research and become knowledgeable about the breed and cattery prior to acquiring a cat or kitten.