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A specialized breeder listing with a little something extra, designed especially with YOU and those searching for kittens

Welcome to AbsolutelyKittens.com, a new concept for cat lovers, breeders and pet related merchants. An advanced resource for cat fanciers interested in greater exposure and multiple advertising possibilities for your cattery locally, nationally and global. Nowadays, computer monitors are bigger than ever, showcase your beautiful kittens with large photos, no stamp size photos to strain the eyes. We take copyright seriously, to help protect your images from others unlawfully using your photo, each are printed with your cattery name. This also lets catlovers know where these gorgeous kittens came from!

Do pictures attract users? People are naturally drawn to images vs text ads and grabs the eye quickly. Cat lovers will agree precious kitten photos melt the heart. It also makes it easy for cat lovers to see what the kittens actually look like vs a text ad.

Having a great passion for cats and former Cat Fanciers/Exhibitors we are familiar with the vast expenditures, time and care of raising kittens. Absolutely Kittens provides an affordable listing with a little something extra unique to standard listings, many of which are available at NO additional cost to you.

Absolutely Kittens welcomes all reputable breeders of good standing. If you are a breeder of purebred cats and kittens and cattery registered with a major cat association, joining Absolutely Kitten Directory will be awesome for you.

Select a Breeder Listing Level

Absolutely Kittens offers two listing levels for your cattery. Standard / Gold Star.

Free - Standard Member Listing Includes:
FREE! Standard Listing - this includes a text only listing with your cattery name, cattery description, website link and other contact info you want included
Cat Breed Directory - your cattery listed under the cat breeds below Gold Star Member Listings
Multiple Listings
- there is NO extra cost to list under more than one cat breed
Listing Maintenance - there is NO extra cost to update your photos/text

To sign up for a Standard Member Listing Submit the form below and indicate your listing option: "Standard"

Gold Star Member Listing
Priority Listing Placement - placed above ALL Standard Member Listings
Gold Star Listing - 3 large photos (327x327 pixels), cattery name, cattery description, website link, and other contact info you want included as well as any social network links if applicable: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
Cat Breed Directory - your cattery listed under the cat breed you choose
Location Directory - your cattery listed and indexed by state/country
Multiple Listings - there is no fee to list under more than one breed
Listing Maintenance - there is no fee to update your photos/text

EXTRA PRIME Features NO cost to You!
FREE! Kitten Available Service
- find loving homes for your precious kittens, post your cats and kittens available with a photo
FREE! Instant News Service - post your cat show news and litter announcements for cat lovers to see, located on our MAIN Entrance and Find Kittens page
FREE! Kitten Notification - receive kitten notification emails from cat lovers wanting more info about your cat breed and kitten availability. A preferred match for kittens into select new pet homes. Cat lovers searching for kittens submit Instant Kitten Inquiries for breeders of that cat breed.
FREE! Kitten Video Page - we will embed your kitten youtube videos (if applicable) linked to your site on the Kitten Video page for cat lovers to enjoy
FREE! Social Network Circle - all new member listings as well as updated listings are announced and posted on AbsolutelyKittens Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Blogs
FREE! Pet Lovers Directory - your cattery indexed alphabetically with a star and highlight box
FREE! Submit Cat Articles - submit your cat breed or informational cat articles for increased recognition and traffic back to your website
FREE! Image Editing - your cattery name printed on your copyrighted photograph

Select a Payment Option

We offer two payment options for you to choose from. Make one yearly payment or use the easypay plan for 12 monthly payments. A discount is applied to yearly plans.

12 Month EasyPay: 1/2 OFF! $20 monthly (Intro $10) (less than .33 cents a day!)

One Year Plan: Pay all at once $95/year

Special intoductory rate lock guaranteed for 5 years!

(Choose your payment option after you submit the form below)

To sign up submit the form below.

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Absolutely Kittens accepts advertisements for the sale of pet products, supplies, services, cats and kittens for sale in good faith and assumes all distributors, breeders provide high quality products and healthy pets in a timely manner. Absolutely Kittens accepts no responsibility for distributors or breeders said commitments, guarantees, reputation or quality of service. You may wish to do research and become knowledgeable about the breed and cattery prior to acquiring a cat or kitten.