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Winnplace Persian Kittens

Kittens from Top Show Lines
Winnplace Cattery raises Himalayans and Persians from top show lines. We have many colors including lilac and chocolate. Our cats enjoy their wonder Florida home and are cherished by Winnplace Cattery, where the magic begins.

CatsCreation Persian Kittens

Gorgeous Kittens
Persian Kittens for sale , Persian Breeders, Grand Champion Bloodlines, CFA registered Cattery, Florida state health certificates, Health guaranteed, Veterinarian Certified, Persian Kittens raised in a small cage less Cattery, Specializing in Shaded Silvers , Chinchilla Silver and White Persian Kittens. Family raised underfoot for well socialized friendly playful Persian Kittens.

Oceanpurrls Persian Kittens

Gorgeous Kittens
OceanPurrls CFA reg'd since 1989, specializing in High End Top quality Van High White BiColor & Solid White Persians with top CFA Pedigree's. We offer Top Show, show , breeder & occasional high quality pets. We are known exclusively for the "Sweetest looks & Disposition on our Persians", all with that sweet opened eyed expression. PKD DNA testing cattery, our vet does vaccines deworming, total health check on each individual kitten .

RB Cathouse Persian Kittens

Beautiful Kittens
CFA Cattery of Excellence, in home raised baby doll faced Persians, health is first priority and kittens are guaranteed, PKD DNA Negative parents, 15 years experienced breeder. Silver & Goldens, parents onsite. Championship lines, disease free, References available, Shipping available.

Heart'nsoul Persian Kittens

Gorgeous Kittens
Home to GC, NW, BW & INT CH Heart’nsoul’s Sexy N I Know It! Heart'nsoul is a small CCA & CFA registered hobby cattery located just outside of Tillsonburg, ON Canada. We are proud to say that our cattery is 100% PKD and FIV/FeLV negative. The health and wellbeing of our cats and kittens is our number one priority. Our goal here at Heart'nsoul is to produce healthy, show quality chocolate and lilac Persians that meet the breed standard.

DjaVuPurrs Persian & Exotic Shorthair

Gorgeous Kittens
We are a small cageless Cattery specializing in Persian and Exotic Shorthair, breeding for health, socialized and quality kittens. Our kittens are raised as part of our family, never caged. We're working with Golden/Silver and Bicolor of blue-eyed and odd-eyed lines.
Kitten Colors: Bicolor & Golden/Silver
Email: DjaVuPurrs Persians & Exotic Shorthair
Website: DjaVuPurrs Persians & Exotic Shorthair

A Love4paws Persian Kittens

Abundanza Persian Kittens

Amerikitties Persian Kitens

Archidvx Persian Kittens

Balouchi Persian Kittens

Belcherpurrs Persian Kittens

BooKats Persian Kittens

Boutique Persian Kittens

Brettachtal Persian Kittens

Burton's Persian Kittens

Caleb-Cats Persian Kittens

Callisto Persian Kittens

Caloola Silver Persian Kittens

Camtoe Persian Kittens

CatsCreation Persian Kittens

Catsirnova Persian Kittens

CatzR4me Persian Kittens

Crystal Pond Holistic Persian Kittens

Dainty Charm Persian Kittens

DiSaronno Persian Kittens

DjaVuPurrs Persian Kittens

Doll Face Persian Kittens

Donegal Persian Kittens

DreamKatcher Persian Kittens

El Zaburs Persian Kittens

Galla Persian Kittens

Haendels Persian Kittens

Heartnsoul Persian Kittens

Hellowien Persian Kittens

Hohloma Persian Kittens

Irlins Persian Kittens

Iwanda Persian Kittens

Katzenfur Persian Kittens

Kaydekatz Persian Kittens

Kelskits Persian Kittens

KingdomKatz Persian Kittens

La Yen Persian Kittens

Linrenay Persian Kittens

Lionzden Persian Kittens

Lorishakatz Persian Kittens

Lovely Moon Persian Kittens

Luna Star Persian Kittens

Markin Persian Kittens

MisteeRiver Persian Kittens

Monella Persian Kittens

Moppetland Persian Kittens

Mountainvue Persian Kittens

Mystic Rose Persian Kittens

Mythicbells Persian Kittens

Oceanpurrls Persian Kittens

Passion Feline Persian Kittens

Pattikens Persian Kittens

PawsarePurrs Persian Kittens

Pelaqita Persian Kittens

Pinkatz Persian Kittens

Preciosa Persian Kittens

Prints of Peace Persian Kittens

PureLee Persian Kittens

Purrden Me Persian Kittens

Purrdreamz Persian Kittens

RB Cathouse Persian Kittens

Reffgaard Persian Kittens

ResQMe Farms Persian Kittens

Rosimorn Persian Kittens

Salineras Persian Kittens

Show Felines Persian Kittens

Silverdance Persian Kittens

Snopeke Persian Kittens

Suavere Persian Kittens

Sweetharmony Persian Kittens

Tambourine Persian Kittens

TNRPersiansAZ Persian Kittens

Tooliebouce Persian Kittens

Tranquility Persian Kittens

Treasured Kittens Persian Kittens

TrulyBlessed Persian Kittens

Tufftons Persian Kittens

Uberwald Persian Kittens

Vannies Paws Persian Kittens

Victorian Gardens Persian Kittens

Winnplace Persian Kittens

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Persian Cat Info

Persian Kitten Development

From Birth To 12 Weeks Of Age

Birth- Kittens normally weigh in between 3.0 and 3.5 oz. Smaller kittens have lower chances at survival. And I have found larger Persian kittens tend to also have difficult surviving. I believe it is related to the moms have more difficult birthing a larger kitten with a larger head, and that cuts off oxygen level to the brain- making them loss some of their natural sucking instincts.

Newborn kittens normally can manage on their own with the help of mom cat once they are warm and clean after being birthed. Warming a kitten should be done naturally if possibly or under a monitored watch if a heating pad is used. Heating pads tend to dehydrate newborns quickly so only use one during the warming stage if possible.

Newborns normally began nursing as soon as they are warm. If you see a newborn kitten not nursing within a few hours of birth- it may need your assistant. If you decide to give the kitten a booster meal- be very careful not to drown the kitten by feeding him/her too much too fast. A few drops is usually adequate- approx. 1 cc is a full meal.

My best advice to you would be to keep working with the kitten, placing the mouth on the nipple and trying to teach the kitten to feed off mom. Perhaps even express a little milk if possible.

1 week of age-still try not to handle the baby too much- most kittens eat and sleep at this stage around the clock. A crying kitten means he is either hunger or something is wrong.

The development of the kitten over the next 30 days will depend on how well and how fast the baby nurses on the first day of life. Usually- a healthy viable kitten will be seen either nursing or suckling around the clock the first 36 hours with brief naps time in between. The following 7 days - you may notice, kittens don't seem to be nursing as much- but yet, the meal time is longer. As the kitten develops and grows- meals increase in amount required and time between them lengthens.

Sometimes mom cats forget to eat while newborns are in the nest- afraid to leave them long enough to get a good meal in herself. If this happens- she will begin to loose weight- and the babies will not gain properly. If this starts to occur- add wet food to moms diet- A/D is a good choice. The opposite tends to happen at the weaning stage- mom tend to over eat and then has a very loose stool.

About 10-14 days after birth- eyes will open. If they are pus filled- express the puss- clean the area and treat it with an antibiotic ointment- you can get this from your vet. Do keep a close eye on kitten eyes- even before they are open to avoid infection.

About 3 weeks of age- kittens learn to sit up ad some are even ready to tackle climbing gin and out of bed and the litter box.. Watch your kitten at this age to insure he doesn't eat litter. Litter is normally registered about this timeframe.

4th week- they know how to get in and out of bed and use the litter box. Kitten area needs to be cleaned more often for they begin playing with toys and balls pretty good at this age.

5th week- kittens began to play very hard and even rough with each other, watch nails and eyes. Kitten butts are sometime seem at this age. Kitten butt is where they get in the litter box and they poop- but some of it remains on the fur. Sometimes they sit back into it and you need to be extra aware to have butts checked daily and keep them clean.

6th week- first vaccination is due. Check to verify kitten is healthy first, clear eyes and check the bite for teeth and gum issues.

7th week- this is the time to begin teaching kittens grooming skills, the first bath can be given at this time (as you can see from this photo- fur is separating and a bath is in need)- but do make certain to dry them completely. During this stage, kittens will also begin to nurse slightly less, both mom and kittens may get a loose stool. And once kittens do begin to eat reg food, watch the stools even more closely to avoid pooped butts.

8th week- moms began to teach kitten socialization skills beginning in the eight week and going into the 12th week. First de-worming is given as a precaution.

9th week- second vaccination is due. Toys are a big pleasure!

10th week- bath 2 is needed to help teach kitten bath routines. Nails are also clipped. Second round of de-worming is given as the final round for precaution.

11 weeks- vet appointment is sch'd to verify health.

12th week- final bath and nails due. Final vaccination is also given before kitten goes to his new home. Paperwork is gathered.

Try to let mom wean the babies when Mom a and baby is ready- some breeders wean at a certain age. Here at Purrinlot, we believe in mom and baby knows best- for every kitten, every mom cat, and every litter is different.

Persian Kitten Resource and References
The author Laura Thomas, http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Laura_Thomas/61498

Laura Thomas is an author and designer for a better you. More information can be found at the Castle Baths Web Site- www.castlebaths.com Her hobbies include breeding and showing Pedigree Persians www.purrinlot.com , writing and sharing inspirational messages.

PERSIAN IMAGE By Nickolas Titkov from Moscow, Russian Federation
[CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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