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Kitten Inquiry

Looking for a Kitten?

Have cat breeders contact you. If breeders have what you are looking for they will email or call you with more information about the cat breed and kitten availabilty.

The kitten Inquiry gives you the ability to send an inquiry to breeders helping you find your perfect kitty family member. Submit the kitten inquiry form below with a description of the type of kitten or cat you are looking for.

It will be sent to cat breeders with that cat breed. Breeders that have a kitten that matches what your are looking for will be happy to contact you either by telephone or email with further details, what kittens are availabale and maybe possible upcoming litter annoucement.

If no response comes through it is most likely a rare or difficult breed to locate in your area also some breeders that only rely on word-of-mouth contact may not be aware of your inquiry. Absolutely Kittens directory makes it easy to find all breeders who currently have kittens available now or upcoming litters announcements.


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Absolutely Kittens accepts advertisements for the sale of pet products, supplies, services, cats and kittens for sale in good faith and assumes all distributors, breeders provide high quality products and healthy pets in a timely manner. Absolutely Kittens accepts no responsibility for distributors or breeders said commitments, guarantees, reputation or quality of service. You may wish to do research and become knowledgeable about the breed and cattery prior to aquiring a cat or kitten.
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