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Contact breeders directly for more information about the Himalayan cat breed, health care, size, food they eat, cats or kittens for sale or upcoming litter announcements. Click the links below to access their website. To find a breeder in a location nearest you, browse the listings indexed by cattery name.

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Biscaynecat Himalayan Kittens

Beautiful Kittens
Biscaynecat Himalayans. Dedicated. Healthy. Lovable. More than just words when it comes to choosing the right cattery for your next feline purchase. Whether you’re looking for a high quality Colorpoint Persian purebred for show purposes, glamorously beautiful friend or simply a lovable and playful little ball of fur to complete your home’s circle of love, our animals will fit your needs perfectly.

Winnplace Himalayan Kittens

Kittens from Top Show Lines
Winnplace Cattery raises Himalayans and Persians from top show lines. We have many colors including lilac and chocolate. Our cats enjoy their wonder Florida home and are cherished by Winnplace Cattery, where the magic begins.

Fyna Kitza Himalayan Kittens

Himalayan & Persian Kittens
Fyna Kitza is proud to say we raise Himalayan and Persian Kittens. Our little beauties are raised underfoot with much love, care and attention. They are well socialized and adored right from day one. Our kittens are gentle and affectionate but do have a playful curious side to them. They are sweet, always there to greet you and have cuddle time. We are TICA Registered and located in Canada.

Burton's Himalayan Kittens

Beautiful Cats & Kittens
Burton's Persians is a small cattery located in the Texas Hill Country. We raise Persians and Himalayans. Kittens are CFA registered. We specialize in bi-color and tabby Persians and bi-color Himalayans (pointed and white Himalayans). Our Himalayan colors consist of blue point (lynx point and bicolor), seal point and red point.

Meow House Himalayan Kittens

Wonderful Companionship
We are a teeny tiny CFA cattery dedicated to bringing bouncy, healthy Persian and Himalayan kittens to loving homes. Each meow house kitten is hugged and kissed to pieces and comes fully socialized, litter box and scratching post trained. We are a PKD/DNA as well as FeLv and FIP negative cattery. Along with first shots, worming and a visit with a licensed vet, our kittens come with a written health guarantee to insure you years of wonderful companionship.

A Love4paws Himalayan Kittens - California

Ahmischi Himalayan Kittens - New York

Amerikitties Himalayan Kittens - Colorado

Belcherpurrs Persian Kittens - Florida

Biscaynecat Himalayan Kittens - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Burton's Himalayan Kittens - Texas

Caleb-Cats Himalayan Kittens - West Virginia

Castleglen Persian Kittens - Georgia

Catley Crue Himalayan Kittens - South Dakota

Ceimycat Himalayan Kittens - Mississippi

Daphne's Dolls Himalayan Kittens - Missouri

Doll Face Himalayan Kittens - Missouri

Donegal Himalayan Kittens - North Carolina

Double Forgeron Himalayan Kittens - Netherlands Europe

Fancyfluff Persian Kittens - Kentucky

Felinart Himalayan Kittens - California

Fyna Kitza Himalayans - Saskatchewan, Canada

Firebrand Himalayan Kittens - Michigan

Galla Himalayan Kittens - Canada

Heart'nsoul Himalayan Kittens - Ontario Canada

HimmiKatz Himalayan Kittens - Ohio

Hirscheez Himalayan Kittens - Florida

Lilac Farms Himalayan Kittens - Connecticut

Lionzden Persian Kittens - Florida

Marclay Himalayan Kittens - Indiana

Meow House Himalayans - Texas

Mythnlegend Himalayan Kittens - Nebraska

Oceanpurrls Persian Kittens - Calgary Alberta Canada

Phalkeans Himalayan Kittens - Barmstedt near Hamburg, Germany

Purrstar Himalayan Kittens - South Carolina

Scaatycat Himalayan Kittens - Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Sunshinezzz Himalayan Kittens - Massachusetts

Uberwald Himalayan Kittens - Natanya, Israel

Victorian Gardens Himalayan Kittens - Hamilton North Carolina

Whispurrpaws Himalayan Kittens - Oquawka, Illionis

Winnplace Himalayans Kittens - Ft. Myers, Florida

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Himalayan Cat Info

Himalayan Cat Unique Personality

The Himalayan cat (also known as "Himmy") is a breed of cat with a pair of vivid blue eyes and point coloration on its long hair or fur. It is originally derived from cross-breeding a Persian cat and Siamese cat. Persian cats are longhaired and bred with Siamese cats for their markings thus resulting in color point long hair cats. It is also known as the colourpoint Persian cat in Europe.

Himalayan cats are a loyal and pleasant companion. Grown-up Himalayan cats are sometimes referred as Himalayan kittens because of their sweet and gentle nature. They are people oriented and prefer to spend most of their time with their owners. They do well with family members as well as other pets and they are inclined to life indoors.

Himalayan Cat Traits

The body build of Himalayan cats is referred to as "cobby." This is a term used for animals that have a stocky or stout body. Their broad chest, well toned muscles, and their rounded appearances are further enhanced by their long fur. They have a full, round face with wide and round blue eyes. Their ears are small and rounded and they have a well-developed chin. The coats of Himalayan cats have a main color of either beige or white. The point color-s appear on their tails, legs, feet, face mask and ears. They are recognized by their distinct point colors such as blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, red, seal, mixes with tortie ( example are lilac-cream, chocolate tortie and blue-cream), and tabby marked points or lynx (such as blue lynx, cream lynx, lilac lynx, tortie lynx and more).

Himalayan kittens require high maintenance or special care. They need to have regular baths. Their fur or long hair needs daily grooming to prevent matting and tangling. Himalayan kittens might get ill due to exposure to chemical products applied to them during bathing. Upon bathing, use diluted soap or shampoo, and make sure to keep it out of the cat's nose, mouth, and eyes.

Himalayan kittens are a beautiful breed of cats and truly fascinating. Since 1981, they have won over 41 national awards. They also have won over 175 awards in the regional level. Since 1993, Himalayan cats have made several appearances in movies and television programs and in 1998 they were allowed to enter cat shows. You can find more at Dashlog.com.

Himalayan Cat Resource and References
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