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Abayomi Abyssinian Kittens

Kittens for sale!
We dedicate our lives breeding Abys and are honored to share our home with such amazing animals! Our Family Home Raised Kittens come from carefully chosen Supreme Grand Champion lines. As responsible breeders, we take pride in the quality of our cats/kittens so Health and Personality is ALWAYS most important.

Abyssinian Cat Info

Abyssinian Cat Unique Personality

Abyssinian cats have unique personalities and are one of the most popular short-haired felines. What makes them so special, and would one be a good fit for your home? First, they want to spend time with their owners. They are not pets that content themselves with sitting in a corner while you go about your business. Abys want to 'help' you with whatever you are doing and be right in the center of family activities.

Many owners enjoy these felines because of their outgoing nature. They love to interact with their families. These kitties are also extremely loyal and affectionate instead of the rather aloof nature of some breeds.

This cat breed is very inquisitive and curious. Abyssinians do not like to be left alone. If you work outside the home or are gone frequently, consider getting another kitty as a companion. You will have a much happier pet if you do so. Also, you may find that without another animal, your feline may demand too much of your attention.

Abyssinian Cat Traits

An Aby is not for you if you are looking for a sedate, lap companion. Since they are very lively, this type of feline does best with owners who are also energetic and active. They are too busy to be interested in sitting still for very long.

Another characteristic of this breed is their high intelligence. Many can be successfully taught to do tricks. Training actually helps to give their active minds a much needed workout. This also adds to their companionship value as they are smart enough to understand the workings of your household.

You do have to make sure your pet has plenty of toys and other activities for amusement. Abys who get bored coupled with their inquisitive natures are apt to get into lots of trouble if they do not have plenty to occupy themselves with. Even as an adult, cats of this breed retain their playful natures.

Many of these felines actually enjoy playing in water. They also are well-known for their tendency to climb to seemingly impossible heights and then perch in the highest spot.

This breed tends to get along well with other pets including dogs. Abyssinian cats are understandably very popular. If you are looking for an active, involved feline member of your family, an Aby could be the perfect fit.

Abyssinian Cat Resource and References
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