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Majestic Luv Maine Coons

Maine Coon Kittens!
We are a small CFA Registered Cattery located in Dandridge, Tennessee. We breed top quality, champion bloodlines. We strive to put health first in our breeding program. All of our breeding cats are fully health tested. We welcome and highly encourage cattery visits by appointment, where you can come meet us and all our cats in person prior to reserving a kitten.
Kitten Colors: Silver, Black Smoke, Reds, Blue, Cameo
Contact: Majestic Luv Maine Coons
Website: Majestic Luv Maine Coons

Sun O'er Sea Maine Coon

Maine Coon Kittens!
Sun O'er Sea is a small cattery located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (3 miles from Cranberry Township, Pa). Our cattery is registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and shows in the Great Lakes Region (4). As breeders, we are dedicated to preserving the health, temperament, and structure of these amazing cats. We are committed to loving and celebrating our Maine Coons and have founded the largest online educational initiative for the breed on social media. The health, temperament, and type of our cats will always be our top concerns and we work hard to ensure that we raise healthy, wonderfully tempered pedigreed Maine Coon kittens of outstanding quality that will be family treasures for years to come.
Kitten Colors: Brown, brown patch, silver, silver patch, red
Contact: Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons
Website: Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Koontucky Maine Coon

Maine Coon Kittens!
Welcome to our home on the web. Come in, enjoy and please feel free to email us with any questions you may have. We have been breeding to the standard since 1984 and are long standing MCBFA Breeder Members. We specialize in silvers, but produce all colors with the exception of solid white. Health and outgoing temperaments are a must, as our cats are part of our family. Raised in our home, underfoot.

Thecathut Maine Coon

Maine Coon Kittens!


Maine Coon Cat Info

About Maine Coon Cats

Maine coon cats are thought to have originated in Maine. In fact, the Maine Coon is the official state cat. The other half of their name results from a myth believing they were the genetic result of mating between domestic cats and raccoon's. This is an impossibility, but the legend was born long ago, probably due to its very fluffy tail, and the name stuck. Although popular show cats in the late 1800's, they saw a decline in popularity due to more exotic breeds being introduced into this country. Around the 1950's the Maine Coon enjoyed a boost in popularity as breeders began to notice what a handsome and hearty cat they truly are.

Maine Coon Characteristics

Maine Coons come in all different colors, although the most common color is the brown tabby. Eye colors can range from gold to green and sometimes even blue. The physical characteristics of the Maine Coon are that of a big, hearty, healthy cat who obviously evolved in cold climates. Their coats are very thick, shiny, and resistant to water. The fur on their backsides is thicker and becomes shorter toward the front. The tail and ears are thicker and furrier than other breeds of cats. These cats are one of the larger breeds and their feet are disproportionately large for their size. Females typically weigh in at around nine to twelve pounds while their male counterparts can reach anywhere from thirteen to eighteen pounds. People in general commonly misjudge their size as being much larger than reality due to the extremely thick coat.

Perhaps one of the more interesting characteristics of the Maine Coon is their voices. The sounds they make almost sound like chirping. It is strange indeed to hear such a high-pitched voice come from such a large breed of cat.

Maine Coons Personality

Maine Coon cats are really just big kids. They mature more slowly than other breeds of cats and their youthful playfulness they never seem to grow out of. While they are very social cats, they are more simply just joyful observers, content to watch their human roommates engage in activities of daily living and sometimes even try to help out. They are not generally territorial and seem to cohabitate well with dogs and other cats. Their gentle playfulness and quirky ways make them a great addition to any home with children. Many owners report that the Maine Coon can be trained fairly easily, such as to submit to walking on a leash.

Maine Coon Care and Maintenance

While they are long-haired cats, their special coats need no more than a weekly brushing. Food may be left out, as they are typically not a breed that will eat themselves to obesity, but they are heavy water-drinkers and need a constant supply of clean, fresh water.

Common Medical Problems

Every breed of dog or cat is susceptible to certain genetic problems. For the Maine Coon, the most common problems are hip dysplasia and cardiomyopathy. The breeder from which the cat was obtained should know the genetic line and what problems have been inherent in its ancestral line.

The wonderfully playful Maine Coon is definitely a breed all its own. It's rugged, distinctive look, clownish antics, and gentle social nature makes it a favorite among cat lovers everywhere, not just in Maine.

Maine Coon Cat Resource and References
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